Posted by: navalanche | April 20, 2014

In and out – weeks ending 4/20/14

Over the last two weeks, I brought home a yellow breakfast skillet, travel pouch and a ceramic ghost votive (to replace one I had broken).


I made the mistake of stopping by the corner store on 99¢ Saturday and brought home some additional clothing.


Not very much out as I didn’t have a chance to purge but as usual, I’m working on it.

Posted by: navalanche | April 12, 2014

Mountains of clothing and nothing to wear

I possess an extraordinary amount of clothing.  I can’t even begin to guess how much is stored in my closets, attic, basement and garage.  However, of all the things I collect, I understand why I do it.  When I was very young, my mother dressed my sisters and I like we were twins or triplets.  Everything the same.  And when it was time to start school, we wore Catholic school uniforms which were identical.  Eventually, my parents could not afford private school and sent us to the public school.  I never thought that I would miss those wool uniforms but just as there was no money for school, there was no money for clothes.  My mother would not accept hand me downs from anyone for her children so we wore what we had until they were literally threadbare and split.  When that happened, the Home Ec teacher would try to put things back together.  When she couldn’t, I had to wear a coat all day or if it was too warm, I would spend the remainder of the day in the nurses office and then they would wrap me in a towel and send me home on the bus.  It didn’t happen often but it wasn’t a pleasant experience.  And when I came home, my mother would scold me and ask me what I had done to rip my clothing.  Growing up was not in the budget.  The most embarrassing moment I can remember was when the school called to tell my mother that I needed a bra.  I’ve repressed most of that but I do remember how furious she was that “some creepy asshole with nothing better to do than to stare at young girls had better leave her daughter alone or there would be trouble”.  She did buy me a bra, just one, and told me that I would grow into it.  Not fun.

To this day, I have a like/hate relationship with clothing.  If I could, I’d probably wander about in sweatpants and large v-necked t-shirt but I can’t.  I need clothing and shoes to maintain a casual but professional appearance at work.  I don’t feel the need to pay a lot of money for clothing that I am ambivalent about so I shop at the thrift store and try to make them work.  And it does work, I just bring home much more than I need, just in case.

If my entire house was a walk in closet, I might have enough room for everything but it’s not (although at times the entire house looks like a very messy closet).  Even worse, I don’t store the clothes I actually wear in closets or dressers despite the fact that I could.  Growing up, we had one very small closet and one very small dresser for four girls and since we basically had one change of clothing, a pair of pajamas and a dress for Sunday mass, we didn’t need the closet or dresser.  Off season items were stored there and we pulled our clothing off the clothes line as needed.  To this day, most of my clothing that I wear regularly hangs on the line downstairs until I need it and off season items are stored in dressers.

So where do I keep the articles of clothing that I actually wear?  At the foot of the basement stairs, of course.


Occasionally, other items become blended in and I have to reorganize.


It’s not an ideal solution.

The goal….find one dresser to store the articles of clothing that I wear and start clearing the bags of clothing by donating or tossing anything too small / large or damaged in any way.  Maybe then, I have a better relationship with my wardrobe.



Posted by: navalanche | April 11, 2014

The battle for the basement

I have a lot of stuff.  I’ve filled rooms, the attic, the porch, the yard and the car with stuff.  Just looking at it causes me sensory overload.

I’ve been trying to declutter the living spaces in the house with mediocre success and so I thought I’d try another area.  The attic is still inaccessible so I’ve started working on the basement.

Things have steadily remained the same there except for the area surrounding Mike’s man chair where some of Jaxon’s toys have piled up.


I did not place them there but I’m thinking that Mike wants me to make a decision about them and soon.

I took pictures before I started decluttering but I lost most of them when my computer crashed.  I did have a few remaining on my camera card of the three goat paths that traverse the basement.

Path to garage.


Path to storage closet.


Path to washing machine.


It was a hard angle to capture however it does illustrate my penchant for stacking items cattywampus.  I started sorting linens and then something shiny must have distracted me.

Once cleared, the path to the washer becomes visible.


As the basement has assortment of everything imaginable, I think I’ll start with clothing.

Posted by: navalanche | April 10, 2014

Spring arrives and the neighbors clamor for a garage sale

It never takes long once the weather breaks for the neighbors to begin discussing a garage sale.  And since we did not have one in the fall, they can’t wait to set a date.

When asked for a suggestion, I picked May 10th and haven’t heard anything since.

And despite everyone’s advice that I should NOT participate, I can’t say no.

I started to collect items in the basement, nestling them between all the other clutter.


Just the box marked Tim, the white box below it and the wine rack are for the sale.  Everything else is clutter.

Last week, I filled two more boxes and added them to the pile.


They barely fit because I haven’t dealt with all the clutter that fills the space.  Clearing the space is my planned project for the upcoming weekend.  It probably will not go well.

Posted by: navalanche | April 8, 2014

In and out – week ending 4/6/14

This week, fewer items in.

A skirt, sweater and top for work along with a book, magazine and vintage nylons.


And I couldn’t resist a big bag of buttons to keep all my other buttons company.


Not to worry, there is more than one button club in the area (no kidding) and they have been helping me cull my collection.  I’ll talk about that another day.

Posted by: navalanche | March 30, 2014

In and out – weeks ending 3/30/14

Over the last two weeks, I have been busier than usual and I’ve had very little time to shop.

However, I could not miss the quarterly sale at the corner store and I did bring a few new to me items home.


I have had some success moving items out of the house and hope to write about them this week.

Posted by: navalanche | March 16, 2014

In and out – week ending 3/16/14

I brought home a few items including a pair of sensible boots that I think I’ll actually wear.


I started the week in a decluttering mood and took a small box of items to the thrift store.


Mid week, I had a cold that wiped me out and just when I started feeling better, Mike dislocated his shoulder.  After spending part of Saturday at UrgentCare, I just wasn’t motivated.  I have some projects started that I hope to complete this week.

Posted by: navalanche | March 10, 2014

In and out – weeks ending 3/9/14

My desktop has experienced a meltdown and best case scenario, I have temporarily lost all the photos from the last few weeks or worst case, they are gone forever.  I have tossed and donated more than I have brought home but I only have access to the items from the last week.

I brought home 5 tops and a pair of $1 shoes.  I am pleased to say that I laundered and actually wore the items.


I found a great set of curtains, 4 panels for $8, now I have to clear out my bedroom so I can hang them.


My sister-in-law brought me a new selection of magazines, something I can’t resist.


As far as the items leaving the house, the neighbors are starting to talk garage sale and although I know that I shouldn’t, this week’s cast-offs include a few items for the sale.  I think it’s time to say goodbye to the dog tent for the dog I’ve never owned in my adult life and glassware that Kat wanted me to sell for her.  I did donate my ceramic fish bowl to start moving forward on my own clutter.


I’ve also started working on the excessive amount of clothing in the house and the basement, more to come on those projects.

Posted by: navalanche | February 16, 2014

In and out – weeks ending 2/16/14

Progress achieved.  I brought home a vintage slip from the corner store along with a few from Kohl’s over the last few weeks.


I’m fairly pleased.

Since I’ve been churning the clutter upstairs and have been unable to make practical decisions, I’ve moved to the basement where the clutter is older and I have less of an attachment to the items.

It wasn’t too hard to find things that were no longer needed down there.


And I found some items upstairs with a little help from Mike.


I’m cautiously optimistic as I’ve thrown out more than I’ve taken in.

Posted by: navalanche | February 9, 2014

In and out -weeks ending 1/26/14

The sub zero temperatures and snow in the area have kept me indoors more often than I like.

The good thing is that I’ve only brought home a few items.

Some clothing of course…


and some shoes.


Over Christmas holidays, some gifts were exchanged but I’ll address that in another post.

Unfortunately, with all the extra time needed to commute back and forth from work, I haven’t decluttered but I have started a few new projects.

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