Posted by: navalanche | November 25, 2009

Sometimes winning is a pain in my …

I thought that my responsibility ended when I called and won the Thanksgiving dinners.  I was wrong.  Someone had to pick the certificates up at the radio station in town.  Me!  And guess what?  Kat’s coworker Bill won the same prize on Thursday.  Could I pick his certificates up at the same time?

I bussed downtown to pick up the winning certificates and I thought my responsibility was over when I dropped them off with Kat.  I was wrong.  The dinners were at the GFS in Monroeville which was on the other side of town.  This news did not amuse Kat.  She told me that there was no one else who could pick up the food, I HAD to do it.  Thanksgiving depended on it.  Mike and I drove across town, through the late evening rush hour traffic, in the pouring rain to retrieve the dinners.  Now, I was grumpy.  I called ahead and the manager had the approximately 140 pounds of food boxed and ready to go when we arrived.  We loaded all the food in the trunk and headed back across town to deliver it.

We drove to Kat workplace and as soon as we pulled in, we were spotted on their security cameras.  Kat and Bill helped unload the food and rewarded us with gifts, a bag of popcorn, a small drink and a cigarette for Mike.  That’s right, I work for peanuts.  At least, I don’t have to cook dinner or clean for guests.  Kat still has the hardest job.


  1. …trunk? Is that the completion of the title? One might even say that there is substantial junk in your trunk?

    • When your Dad needed to step away for a moment during his touch football game with his little friends across the street, he asked me to step in. When he returned, he couldn’t find his team mate. Where was he? Completely obscured behind my trunk.

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