Posted by: navalanche | March 19, 2010

I believe I see the fireplace

As I’ve mentioned before, the back of my living room is a particularly tough area to declutter.  Most of the items have been placed there to be kept out of harm’s way (that means Mike).  This is the area that I keep my paperwork, things to do and the things I’m just not ready to part with.

It took me awhile but once I had trudged through the paperwork, it became much easier.  I removed the items that just did not belong in the living room (the linens and pillows) and the assorted items that I knew had to go (why would I even have to think about a BudMan sign?).

So what is left?  The child sized rockers?  I can’t part with them as they were Mike and his brother Tim’s.  The windchimes, plant misters and lamps?  I’ll need a little more time.  All in all, it’s looking a lot better.

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