Posted by: navalanche | October 16, 2010

Rad Days – All about baby

Every year I can’t wait for Rad Days.  My nieces and nephews love choosing which of the activities that they want to see.  This year it was a little different as they decided that they would choose what they felt baby Jaxon would like.  We started at the Museum of Natural History.  Jaxon loved the fountains.

And the stairs.

Next stop Phipps, where the current display features gargoyles.

He watered the plants in the children’s garden with Josh.

But his favorite thing was the Thomas the Train display.  He watched the train go round and round until we had to leave.

Last stop, the Aviary.  We took him to the penguin exhibit where he looked high

And low.

We had one last stop on little Lake Elizabeth to watch the ducks.  Next year, he’ll be ready for all the exhibits.

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