Posted by: navalanche | December 7, 2010

It all started with a pink roller skating bunny

I am doing my best to cease collecting any new items until I cull what I currently have.  But occasionally, with more than a little help from my sister Kat, one small item turns into a new collection.  And somehow, I just never see it coming.

I found a pink roller skating bunny among my clutter.  He was designed to skate across the floor while playing the song “Easter Parade”.

Although he looked good for his age, he could not stay upright when he attempted to skate.  So the nephews tried to balance the bunny.  Every try ended with a thud as the bunny tipped over and fell to the floor.  And worse yet, each thud seemed to increase the volume of the “Easter Parade” song until it was so loud that it could be heard outside the house.  It drove everyone crazy except baby Jaxon.  He was both intrigued and terrified of the bunny.  And since he liked the bunny, I decided to keep it.

Eventually, the nephews couldn’t take it anymore.  They would hide the bunny, behind the couch, on the front porch, in the bathroom, anywhere they could think of because they just could not stand the ear-piercing repetitive musical sample of “Easter Parade” any longer.  And then to their relief, the bunny had an accident.  During the summer garage sale, the bunny tipped over in the driveway and his head broke off.

The bunny still played music, louder than ever.  So we decided to wean Jaxon from the bunny.  We just needed a new musical toy to replace him.  Mike found his Yukon Cornelius that played “Silver and Gold”.

Jaxon liked Yukon but not as much as the bunny.  So Kat went looking for a replacement.  She found a battery operated heart.

It blew a kiss and said “Mwah” over and over and then moved its feet up and down.  Jaxon had no interest in the heart.  Undeterred, Kat went looking for more musical toys.  And one by one, she found them and brought them to my house.  I lined them along the edge of a box so Jaxon could play with them.

Before long, I needed a second box to display them as Kat kept bringing more.

When they filled the second box, I knew that it had to stop.  So when Kat arrived with yet another version of the Hallmark snowman, I told her that she had to take it back to her house.  And surprisingly, she did.

Jaxon has so many new musical toys that he seems to have forgotten about the bunny.  And Kat went a few weeks before she brought anymore musical toys to my house.  Then she brought a new one that she claims is a Christmas present for Joel and has asked me to store it until then.  I can’t show it because I don’t want to ruin Joel’s surprise.  But I can tell you that Jaxon is both terrified and intrigued by it.  It’s really loud.  The nephews and Erika hide it every time they come over, behind the couch, on the front porch, in the bathroom, just so they don’t have to hear its ear-splitting sample over and over again.  It’s not balanced properly and it falls over all the time.  If the kids have their way, I think it’s going to have an accident, just like the bunny.  I’m just hoping it makes it through the next 18 days.  And Joel, I hope I haven’t ruined your surprise but I think it will make a marvelous addition to your display at work.  I’ll bet you just can’t wait.


  1. i am already intrigued and terrified…

    • As you should be. You will be surprised this Christmas.

      • there are some good ones coming your way too…

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