Posted by: navalanche | December 14, 2010

The lamp fetish

Anyone who knows me surely knows that I have a thing for lamps.  My neighbor Bobbie calls it a fetish.  I’m not so sure that it is the right word to describe my need to collect them but there are quite a few.  I think that I have lamps in every area of my house except the kitchen and bathroom.  Currently, I believe the room with the largest concentration of lamps is the living room but I will have to wait until I finish decluttering the rest of the house to prove that theory.

As the piles of clutter in the living room receded, the nephews frequently asked “How many lamps are there?” and would guess what the final total would be.  I told them to be patient, when I was able to physically count them, I would let everyone guess the final total.  Happily, that day has arrived so let the guessing begin.  I’ve taken pictures to help those who are unable to stop by the house.  To keep it simple, I have only counted the lamps with an electrical cord.  And I’ll give a few clues along the way as some are still hard to see in the clutter.

Let’s start slowly.  One lamp.

Plus one lamp.

Plus a palm tree lamp nestled beneath the wind chimes and glass balls.

Plus a retro grape or pineapple lamp.

Plus a huge floral hurricane lamp.

Now it gets a little tougher.  Look closely, one of the lamps is made of clear glass.

This is much harder.  The drunk with a light bulb nose, teapot, lighthouse and the nightlight behind the star are all lamps.  Don’t forget to count the vintage clock as its side panels light up also.

This is the biggest challenge.  Everything in this pile is a lamp.  Count the brown box as a lamp as I forgot to pull the lamp out it of the box before I took the picture.  I took pictures from different angles but even I do not know how many lamps are in this group.  Good luck to all, don’t think too hard and have fun counting.  I’ll collect the nieces and nephews guesses later this week.


  1. I’m going with 37. I’m sure I’m lowballing, but I prefer to think I live in a world where no more than 37 lamps exist in a single ranch-style home.

  2. I say 42.

  3. Too low. It’s 56.

  4. I’m going higher. It will be 63.

  5. absolutely a minimum of 76 lamps are on hand

  6. Definately 54.

  7. Hi, so this is very random but would you be at all willing to sell the palm tree lamp in the third picture down on this post? I’ve literally been looking for that exact lamp for YEARS with absolutely no luck and this is the first time I’ve even found a picture of one in all that time!

    Sorry I know this is unorthodox but I couldn’t help but ask. Please let me know either way whenever you get a chance. Thanks!!!

    • Hi! Actual ownership of the palm tree lamp is currently being disputed by my sister Kat. When I discussed your note with my sisters, Kat presented a convincing argument, claiming to know every detail of how the lamp came to be in my possession. She claims that it was purchased at Eckerd Drugs, 5 or more years ago. It had been featured in their ad for weeks but Eckerd had a problem with the supplier and availability was not guaranteed. She stopped at the stores in our area every Tuesday as that was the day that they received their weekly inventory shipments until finally one and only one of these lamps arrived at which time she immediately purchased it at full price as she could not risk waiting for the lamp to go on sale. She tested the lamp after taking it home and found that with even the lowest wattage bulb that she placed in it, the glass leaves on the lamp heated excessively and she sent it over to my house for safekeeping until the wiring could be checked which never happened. That said, I think she considers the lamp lost (and now found) personal treasure and remembers the thrill of the hunt and at this time, she is reluctant to let it go. But she, like me, can only have so much stuff. If she changes her mind, I will let you know. Sorry about the delay, my time online has been extremely limited as of late.

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