Posted by: navalanche | June 16, 2011

Project: Garage Sale 2011

Our annual neighborhood garage sale was planned to be held in May 2011.  In April, my neighbor Bobbie, who partners with me to put the event together, informed me that she needed to delay the sale indefinitely.  Since I didn’t want to put the sale together on my own, I agreed to wait.  Inevitably, nary a week went by without one of the neighbors stopping to ask for the official garage sale date.  Feeling pressured to commit, I decided to tentatively schedule the sale for July 15 and 16th.  A few days ago, Bobbie called to tell me that she could not participate this year due to family obligations.

I was disappointed as my garage is packed with clutter, top to bottom and front to back.

And upstairs, I continue to fill boxes with more items for the sale.

If I had any common sense, I’d take the boxes to the thrift store and forget about it.  Despite my better judgement, I’ve decided to have the sale.  Maybe, if I’m lucky, Bobbie might change her mind.  Instead, it’s practically guaranteed that I’ll be driving my family crazy over the next 30 days.


  1. i agree with your hypothesis that common sense was never an integral factor in your annual garage sale ritual. truth be told, we could easily load a great deal of the disposable clutter into the back of my truck, deliver it to the corner store, and quickly regain some of your home’s square footage. alas, i fear this simple solution is not to be. perhaps, this year, you could make a vow to donate all unsold items left unsold after your sale. this, my dear navah, would be a tremendous show of decluttering faith in action.

    • Actually, the garage sale is the one and only one day of the year that I find that I can let go of some things easily. It wasn’t like that the first couple years but now I keep the sale items two sale cycles and then off it all goes. Now it’s Kat who complicates things. She wants to keep the few overpriced items that she brings over that do not sell in my garage until “next” time. I’ve still have an end table in my dining room that has been here since the sale last September.

  2. one too many unsolds in the next to last sentence. some redundant clutter of my own.

    • Too much over time this week for you. You’ll be back to normal in no time at all.

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