Posted by: navalanche | July 11, 2011

Family feud

Kat and Mike have had disagreements in the past and although it was unusual for them to stop speaking, I still expected their spat to blow over quickly.  Especially since I spend a lot of time with each of them weekly and I didn’t see how they could avoid each other.  But this feud was different as they refused to compromise and I could not reason with either of them.  Kat refused to call my house, just in case Mike would answer the phone.  No, instead she would drive over and honk her car horn in the driveway to get my attention.  After a few days, that method of summoning me got old and we resumed speaking on the phone although she did disguise her voice the one time Mike did answer the phone and managed to fool him.  As the days passed, they found a way to coexist without ever having to see one another.  If Kat came over and was outside, Mike would go inside the house.  If Kat came inside, Mike was outside the house.  It amused me that they could coordinate avoiding each other without a glance or speaking a single word to one another.  Ever the optimist, I assumed that sooner or later, they would meet face to face at my house and once they exchanged their awkward grunts acknowledging each others presence, the wheels would be in motion for reconciliation.  But instead, Kat started spreading the word to the rest of the family about evil Mike.

Shortly afterward, Erika, Kat’s daughter, called to verify the feud.

Erika:  “Hey, Aunt Karen.  I have a really crazy question for you.  Are Uncle Mike and my mom fighting?”

Me:  “Uh huh.”

Erika (really long pause):  “Really?  Cause I asked her if she could pick up Jaxon at your house Friday afternoon and she started telling me this long ridiculous story about the two of them having a huge fight.  I didn’t believe her.”

Me:  “Oh, it’s true.  They are both being pig-headed.”

Erika:  “Can we work around them?”

Me:  “Don’t worry.  They have perfected the art of avoiding one another.”

Well, almost perfected.  Just as the rest of the family began to worry that Kat and Mike would not resolve their differences by Zack’s graduation party, it was baby Jaxon who unintentionally brought them back together.

When Kat arrived to pick up Jaxon, Mike decided that it was better for everyone if he stayed in the house instead of walking Jaxon to the car and waving to him as he drove away which is the usual routine.  Jaxon walked to the car and let Kat buckle him into his seat but when he noticed that his “Me Mike” was not outside the car, he began to wail.  And since neither Kat nor Mike could stand to see him crying, Mike relented and walked down to the car to say goodbye.  Was it an awkward moment?  Absolutely, but they came face to face and it broke the spell.  Actually, it was more like they gradually warmed up to each other over the next few days.  And although I did not manage to take a picture of the two of them together at Zack’s graduation party, everything was back to normal, at least as normal as things can be.

one of the two pictures I took at the party


  1. i’m in contact with the authorities in oslo as we speak. jaxon is in line for the nobel peace prize for 2011. he suspended intra-familial tension while sporting red suspenders. a certain winner, he is.

    • I knew you’d love a shot of those suspenders!

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