Posted by: navalanche | October 7, 2011

Another distraction

This week, I should have added to the collection of items for the garage sale tomorrow.  I did not.  I don’t feel particularly guilty though as I already have boxes full of things ready to go.  Instead, I have been taking advantage of Ancestry’s free 15th anniversary collections promotion.  Every day from October 1st to the 15th, they are allowing access to a different collection.  Not all of the collections are of use to me but on Wednesday, they opened the US Census from 1920.  After years of searching for Mike’s mother ancestors, I finally caught a break.  The problem in the past was guessing how their last name was recorded.  The name Kestufski had obviously been misspelled and I had run out of ideas.  Luckily, I was able to search the family as a group by their first names and found them under the name Kastauskas.

Once I knew what part of town they lived in, I was able to find them as Ketstufke in 1910 and Kierstowski in 1900.  It’s a great start as its given me a few new leads and plenty of time to work on the rest of the family tree.

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