Posted by: navalanche | March 18, 2012

My bag a day challenge – day 10

I wanted my last challenge to be something big.  An item or items that even the thought of it leaving my home would make me extremely uncomfortable.  There are many things that fit that description but lamps top the list.

I had planned on tackling my lamps last.  I wanted to wait until I had them all together before I would choose which would stay and which would go.  It was an unrealistic plan as I have lamps everywhere and can not yet even give an estimate as to how many are in the house.

I looked at all the lamps that I have that were easily accessible but not currently in use.  I tried to form a picture in my mind as to where I planned on using each of them.  It took me a few days but I found three that I was willing to part with.

First, I tried to give them away but no one I knew wanted them.

Then, I tried to give them away on FreeCycle.  No takers.

Slowly, the desire to keep the lamps began to ebb but I could not just throw them away.

I decided to take them to Construction Junction.  Mike and Gabe rode with me to donate my lamps.  After I handed them off to the attendant, I couldn’t just leave without a quick trip around the store.  As always, I saved the lighting department for last.  There on the shelf with $5 price tags were my lamps.  I ran to find Mike and Gabe who were meandering around the store waiting for me to finish.

Me:  “Come quick!  I have to show you something!”

Mike had been grumbling about the fact that I had dragged him to the store to donate the lamps instead of throwing them out on garbage night.  I couldn’t wait to show him my lamps on display.

When we entered the department, I was pleasantly surprised once again.

Me:  “Oh my!  My lamps were just here and now two of them are gone.  Do you believe it!”

Mike did not share my enthusiasm.

Mike:  “Can we go now?”

Me:  “Not until I find out who took the lamps.  They must still be in the store.”

And so as incredibly silly as it sounds, I searched to see who had taken the set of matching lamps.  I found two women carrying them through the store.  And as Mike shook his head, I walked up to the women.

Me:  “Nice lamps.”

The ladies:  “Uh…thanks?”

Yes, they looked at me as though I was strange and did not seem eager to engage in conversation with me but we spoke for a few moments.  Not to worry, I didn’t tell them that the lamps they held were once mine.

I returned to Mike and Gabe with a smile on my face.

Mike:  “Can we go now?”

Me:  “Yes, we can.”


  1. i know you enjoy the idea that your objects are going to a truly loving home. it was a shame that you and kat did not get the opportunity to see the look of appreciation that must have spread broadly across my face upon the discovery ot the madonna gingerly nested in my motorcycle saddlebag.

    • I had nothing to do with that. Kat started acted nervous when I noticed that the straps of the saddlebag were undone. Then when you drove away, she burst out giggling and said “Wait til he finds the Madonna planter I put in his bag”. She thought it was hilarious. Just remember her birthday is in a few weeks, think regift.

      • there will be gifts.

      • Should I plan for another Katravaganza? I have plenty of things to regift also.

      • nah. we’ll let this go. i guess i deserved something goofy from her as retribution for christmas. enough tit for tat. (though, it’s hard to say that when talking about your sister.)

      • Hmmm, she was a bit of a pain last year…..

  2. That’s a good one nava! I do hope you start the project over again. Maybe do one item a week this time?

    • Thanks! I do think with the weather being so warm and sunny, and the days longer, it may be time to try again. Once a week is a good place to start.

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