Posted by: navalanche | February 25, 2013

In and out – week ending 2/24/2013

I’ll make this quick.

This week, I brought home a few things.


A sweater, a top, a neoprene luch tote and a few vintage pillowcases with crocheted edging (I just find it very hard to resist those pillowcases).

And nothing has gone out…yet.  But I’m pleased to say that I have put together a small pile of things to donate but until they’re gone….they’re not really gone.


  1. So… are they gone now? Ooooh what if you gave yourself a deadline? Everything put aside in one month MUST go before the next month starts.

    • she isn’t in possession of a truck of proportions enormous enough to carry out that task the first few months it would be attempted. at least if we are talking about sundry items that have been laying inert for over a one month period. deadline reality check.

      • ???? Seeing is believing and it is very hard for most people to understand what is happening here. 😉

    • I really like that idea. I put the box of books in the dining room and at least every other day, early in the morning, I pull out one item that can go immediately. So far, 2 books gone. Maybe I’m just overwhelmed or too tired at the end of the day to be objective and over think what I’m doing. I can’t declutter every day but I can review the items that I’ve placed in the box!

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