Posted by: navalanche | April 15, 2013

Gifts that keep on giving

It’s safe to say that Kat and I know each others likes and dislikes very well.  If I’m out and happen to see an item that I think Kat would adore, like jewelry….

or Napco figurines…..

or salt and pepper shakers….


I pick them up without giving it a second thought.

Kat does the same for me.  Even when we had our disagreement last year, Kat left a lamp on my porch that she knew I would love.


Unfortunately, months later, it’s still on the front porch.

On Friday, she gave me these two items.


I must admit, I was thrilled.  The shoes look good on me, although I rarely wear heels and the lamp……well, that’s a great lamp.

Kat was inspired to give me these items because she had called me last week and asked me to find a necklace that she was sure I had in my possession.  It was a piece from a lot of jewelry that I had found deeply discounted and purchased for her to look at… least 5 years ago.

As I was not confident that I could not unearth this treasure, I told Kat that she must have it at her house.  But Kat, with her photographic memory, detailed her last known sighting of the piece and she was positive it was here, somewhere, and if I concentrated very hard, I could find it.

Kat:  “I just bought this beautiful green shirt that I plan on wearing Saturday and I need that piece to complete the outfit.”

Me:  “But I bought it years ago.  On a good day, I lose my glasses that are on my head in my mess. How am going to find it?”

Kat:  “Come on.  You can do it.  You always do.  I need that piece.”

Me:  “Arghhh!  Alright, I’ll look.”

I lied.  I had no interest in looking for that necklace.  It wasn’t long before I began to feel guilty.  Mike found me grumbling to myself in the living room.

Me:  “Kat wants me to find a necklace that I bought for her years ago.”

Mike:  “Why would it be here?”

Me:  “Because she leaves things until she can pay me for them and she forgot about it until she found a new blouse that will compliment it perfectly.  She must have it.”

Mike shot me a look of disgust.

Mike:  “You know, YOU ARE AN IDIOT if you drop everything to look for that necklace.”

Call me an idiot.  I started to search for the necklace.  I had a good idea where it might be, on or near my catch all table.  There, on the bottom shelf covered with dust, was a small box of items that I had collected for Kat.


And there, in the box, was the necklace.


Kat was thrilled and in lieu of cash, repaid my effort with the lamp and shoes.  I thought it was a more than fair trade.

So I really like those items but they are not the only type of gift that Kat gives to me. Sometimes my purchases trigger the “if I like it, you MUST like it, too” response with Kat.

An excellent example is the single rooster salt shaker from Howard Holt that I found at the thrift store along with a glass fish vase for Joel for Christmas.  So I would not drop it, I placed it in the vase as I walked through the thrift store.


Mike, Gabe and the nephews could not stop giggling.

The guys:  “Don’t you get it? There’s a **** in the fish’s mouth.”

Me:  “Wow, I don’t think like that.”

The guys (in unison):  “We do!”

Everyone else in the store including the cashier noticed it also.

Mike:  “You must give it to Joel, just like that.”

They insisted.  And as Kat wasn’t talking to me at the time, I did, with the provision that Joel would give Kat the rooster after everyone had their chuckles at Christmas.

Kat loved the rooster.  She had never seen one like it before.  In fact, she went on a buying spree and purchased additional pieces on eBay.  From near and far, a sugar bowl, creamer, napkin holder, candle sticks and more, all roosters, arrived at my door.  When Kat stopped to sort through her treasures, she offered me a set of rooster salt and pepper shakers.


Kat:  “Take these.  I know you like them.  They’ll match your kitchen.”

Me:  “Oh no.  You keep them as a set.”

Kat:  “Don’t worry, I bought a single to match the one you gave to me.  Now we both have a set.”

Lovely, just lovely, more knick-knacks, to collect dust with my other knick-knacks. I’m not complaining, it’s just that I have things that I must part with if I am going to display Kat gifts.  She’s been sending over her “doubles” to me.


They are very cute but I am concerned that more and more of Kat’s collections may become mini collections at my house.


  1. you must have had a very good idea of where the necklace was ensconced in navah-land. the idea of randomly finding a tiny item like that amidst the vastness of your clutter is otherwise jaw-droppingly awe inspiring.

    • I surprise myself sometimes. Amid the clutter, there are small pockets of organization, often covered with a thick layer of dust. I need more of these and less random piles. Minus the dust, of course.

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