Posted by: navalanche | June 17, 2013

Spring garage sale 2013

A few weeks ago, I had planned on participating in the spring neighborhood garage sale.  I asked off for the weekend and although time was tight, I knew I had boxes of items ready for sale in the garage.  My sister Kat was supposed to be there to help.

On Friday, Kat was a no show.  I decided against setting up as it was raining when I woke up.

On Saturday, Kat was a no show.  There was a huge sale at the fire hall less than a mile away and the last time our sales coincided, we had little foot traffic.  I couldn’t motivate myself to pull everything out and so I opted out.

After the sale, my neighbor Bobbie stopped and asked me if I would be willing to have a sale a few weeks later.  I liked the idea.  Her only request was that I would not tell my family that I was having a garage sale.  She felt that when I get involved with my family, I do not focus on my own clutter.  She even offered to help me prepare for the sale.  Bobbie is another person in my life who gently prods me to move forward.  I told her that I needed to do it myself but I agreed to keep mum about the sale.

Over the next few weeks, I gathered items from around the house to add to the boxes that I had stored in the garage.  There wasn’t a lot but it was something.  I cleared out the car shed again so that I could place all my items together for easy access in the driveway.

On the Wednesday before the sale, I opened the garage to pull out my garage sale boxes.  I could not find them in the floor to ceiling clutter.  Over the winter, Mike had rearranged my mess and I could only guess that they were buried behind the bookshelf, dressers and garden items that now occupied the front of the garage.  I was discouraged.

I looked again on Thursday and early Friday morning and found nothing.  I couldn’t pull the heavy items out by myself and my work schedule conflicted with Mike’s over the those days.  In fact, Mike asked to be scheduled during the sale as he thought I was nuts to try to have a sale.

I couldn’t drop out as Bobbie was counting on me.  Mike left me a few tables in the driveway and I set up the items I had.  By the end of the day, I sold $21 worth of clutter and potted plants while I waited for people to stop by.

The word got out that I was having a sale and my family started to talk about bringing things over to my house.  I told my niece Erika that she could bring over some baby items and the wicker bassinet that Kat had taken from my house years ago.  Mike was not happy.

Mike:  “No, no, no!  You allow that crap into our house and it never leaves.”

Me:  “It’s just a few items, it’s not like it’s Kat’s stuff.”

Mike (growling):  “You’re going to do what you want anyway and you’re wrong.  It will never leave.”

Friday evening, Erika and Jaxon came over and cleaned the items that they wanted to sell.

Saturday morning, I placed them with my items.


I don’t know if it was because it was Father’s Day weekend but business was slow.  I made….


twenty-five cents.  Bobbie made $3.75.  Later in the day, my sister talked my neighbor Leslie into spending another $1.50 on things she didn’t need for a two day tally of $22.75.

I boxed up the remaining items and I placed them in the car shed where they still sit this morning.  My plan is to to FreeCycle some of the items and take the rest to the thrift store.

I have all day to complete the task.  I think I can do it.

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