Posted by: navalanche | June 24, 2013

In and out – weeks ending 6/23/2013

Over the last two weeks, I did buy some clothing for work…


and two pairs of tennis shoes.

I found an afghan that I had to have…


I’m thinking it will be nice to have on cold winter nights.

I found an older suitcase…


and I had to bring it home to keep my other suitcases company.

I went to St. Anne’s church fair and bought some fabric and two ornaments for $3…


and won a cross stitch item at the Chinese auction.


I was excited as I purchased the same pattern years ago and never found the time to start it.

Nothing went out this week but I hope to start the garage tomorrow.  The biggest problem will be that I already have a some big projects that I would like to squeeze into the garage.  To make that happen, a lot of smaller items will have to go.

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