Posted by: navalanche | August 23, 2013

In and out – weeks ending 8/18/2013

Once again, it’s how I look at it.  It could be better or it could be worse.  It’s worse.

The neighbors are starting to clear out their closets.  That means I find new items waiting for me on the front porch when I get home.  Surprise!


I found some linens and I needed a few new clothes for work as I can’t find my dressier summer clothes in all the clutter.


I found a vintage Christening gown in fantastic condition and another beaded purse.


And I could not resist a purse with pulsating leds from Auburn for $1.25.


Will I ever use it?  Not likely.  Do I know anyone from Auburn that would like such an item.  Even less likely.  It does amuse me though.

Did anything leave my home?  Not really.

On the plus side, I accepted a full time job at the library.  One would think that should limit my time collecting clutter.  It should but the larger problem is that St Vincent’s thrift is caddy-corner to my trolley stop.   Alas…it beckons me in for shopping and socialization but only for a few minutes before it closes.


  1. i would imagine that it is difficult to resist the crack cocaine of clutter when the allure of the crack house is right along side of your transit stop. as you say, at least your drug dealers are consistent in their hours of operation.- that reminds me, i have one item of clutter for you. it is about 100 years old and was produced in homestead. a guy at work found it in his attic when he moved into his house, and he gave it to me. i disassembled it, repaired it, and gave it the old uncle joel polishing. i think you’ll like it. just remind me when you see me next or i’ll forget to give it to you…

    • I’m intrigued and I’m sure I’ll love it. The good thing about the thrift store is that I can’t get there until late and all the good stuff is gone. Those piles are a months worth of stuff which is pretty good for me. See you Sunday at Jaxon’s party!

      • woohoo. partay!

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