Posted by: navalanche | September 2, 2013

In and out – weeks ending 9/1/2013

I’d like to be able to say that I only brought home these two suitcases….


but I can’t.

The corner thrift store ran a promotion in honor of National Thrift Store week (who knew??).  Somehow, I didn’t get a coupon (sad) but the girls at the store gave me one (not so sad).  It was good for 1/2 off every thing purchased on August 27th.  They helped me fill the blue suitcase with fabric, clothing….


and a few Poppytrail plates.


They enable me….to Mike’s dismay.

Joel brought over a new treasure but I have to bump it to next week as I had difficultly photographing it.

And finally, I did remove a few items from the house but as it happened today, Monday, they will roll over to next week also.

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