Posted by: navalanche | September 9, 2013


I’ve written before about my favorite church rummage sales that I try to attend every year.

But I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my favorite garage/neighborhood sale, Steeplechase.

Steeplechase is a group of condominiums that hosts a community sale on the weekend after Labor Day.  It’s close to home and the neighborhood expands every year.  But alas, over the last two years, I’ve avoided the sale because I can’t not control my urges there.  It doesn’t mean that I don’t go, I stop later in the day so that there is very little left to tempt me.  I never go alone either so whomever accompanies me can talk me down if I fill the car and want to go back for more.

The three people that I normally garage sale with are my neighbor Bobbie, my sister Kat or my sister-in-law Karen.  I avoided Bobbie all week because I knew that she would be up at the crack of dawn for the sale and when I’m with her, we don’t stop until her van is full of treasure (I always over shop with Bobbie).  I called Kat but she was babysitting and then working so she didn’t think that she could get away.  I called Karen and she thought she attend the sale after she finished the ALS walk.

Perfect!  I could go to the sale but the late start would mean that there would not be much left to choose from.

We didn’t get to the sale until 11:30 and although things were winding down, I still found some items that I had to have.

I purchased an old window that had been decorated and an Oreck steamer.


I found a Viking sewing machine, a Santa candy dish and a jewelry display to hold all the watches that Kat gives me (She has a thing about watches).


Steeplechase should be the last sale I’ll attend this year.  Now I just have to test my new $5 sewing machine, clean my floors with my new $4 steamer, organize my watches and find a place to display my new knick-knacks.


  1. okay. now get yourself downstairs and begin blazing a path toward the water heater…

    • Ahhhh…..soon…

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