Posted by: navalanche | October 7, 2013

In and out – weeks ending 9/22/2013

I’m behind…way behind.  I started this post and forgot about it for two weeks. Here goes…

I brought home some more linens.  Can’t resist the Shabby Chic prints.


I found a few new articles of clothing and Kat sent a few items over also.


And a few of the items that I can never have enough of…


I’m off today unexpectedly and so I plan to sort the things I brought home over the last two weeks.  I think that pile maybe a little larger.


  1. will mike and jaxon be napping in shabby chic ?

    • They already have. Jaxon thinks pink is for girls and I am trying to teach him differently. As long as he doesn’t have to wear it, he’s fine.

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