Posted by: navalanche | May 2, 2014

My favorite sales of the year 2014

Ahhh, the first weekend after Easter brings me great joy.  It’s time for my two favorite church sales of the year at Hamilton and St. Winifred churches.

I tried to prepare myself for the sales by taking inventory of the items that I purchased last year, and the year before that and so on but it didn’t happen.  I still have office equipment in the trunk of my car and a tea table on my front porch but I wasn’t going to let guilt stop me from attending.

Besides, both these sales are the social events of the year.  Spring has sprung and everyone is there, the girls from the corner store, my neighbors, my fellow church/garage sale groupies and even my friendly local code inspector.  And that doesn’t include the people I know that work the sales.  It is a non stop shop and greet as we dash through the aisles and call to each other promising to have dinner someday or take walks together or to meet again at the upcoming sales.

This year’s sales were not as big as years past but I did find plenty of items that I do not actually need.  I found a must have chair and a chandelier.


The chair almost matches a chair that I have so with a little work I will have a matching set.  I have a match for the chandelier also but it was such a good price that I bought it so I could have the extra crystals.

I purchased some holiday items….


a steam cleaner….


and lily lights that I’m not sure where I want to hang them yet.


Alas I could not wait for the 1/2 price portion of the sales but I was happy with my treasures.  No more sales to June!


  1. while i can’t be absolutely certain, your newest chair for your collection does appear to possess a full complement of legs. where will this one go?

    • The idea currently swimming about in my head is to place this chair, along with its “match” on either side of the buffet table that I have buried in the living room. I would want to reupholster or sew a cover for the chairs first and who knows how long that would take me. I hoping though…

  2. i was watching an episode of american pickers on tv the other day. they encountered this weird old hobo kind of hoarder who had immense collections of things he had stashed out in various sheds in the woods. he loved his stuff more than anything else. he let the guys rummage through the vast piles. but, often, when asked if he would be willing to part with things, he would say no. he always had a use for them. one in particular made me think of you. they pulled out this piece of victorian decorative gingerbread that he had forgotten he had. he didn’t want to part with it because he was possibly planning on building a victorian mansion. seem at all familiar?

    • I think the hobo and I need to be introduced as I’m curious about this gingerbread. And more importantly, it does sound exactly like me. All I need now is a few sheds in the woods.

      • the camry is a step in the right direction.

      • Where would I be without a car shed in the driveway? I am working on clearing it once again though.

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