Posted by: navalanche | May 13, 2014

In and out – week ending 5/11/14

This week, 5 items in….


plus one unusual item.  The neighbors are starting to clear out their garages and John across the street felt that Jaxon would enjoy a big yellow ball.


Funny thing, Mike actually accepted this item in my absence.  When I teased him about it, he told me “I knew you’d be mad if you found out that I told John ‘no’ so I made an executive decision”.  He is having second thoughts as Jaxon loves being rolled from one end of the yard to the other and Mike says it is “kicking his (Mike’s) ass”.

I have been working in the basement and I found paperwork that my sister Sue left behind when she was living here.


Funny thing, she blamed her ex for losing the materials and gave him all kinds of Hell.  I don’t feel guilty at all as he deserves every bit of grief she gives him and so much more.  Sue will be happy that her paperwork was found and I do think Sue is going to give the old books to Jaxon and I hope he takes them to his house.

I tossed a badminton set and a crayon maker both of which were falling apart.


And the best for last, a lamp to the thrift store and a chandelier to the garage sale pile.


The sale pile is growing fast and I don’t think I should add anything else until I can confirm a date.

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