Posted by: navalanche | May 14, 2014

80 and counting

I easily bring home 20 or more articles of clothing per month so I should be able to donate/toss at least 10 items a week.

It was soooo much harder than I thought it would be.  I struggled with the process and often failed to comprehend that it wasn’t about finding space for what I wanted to keep but how much more I would need to donate.

It took a while but I finally forced myself to let go of 80 pieces.  I took pictures of them all and then lost them when my computer went down.  One picture of ten items was saved.


I was disappointed but not discouraged.  If I only posted more frequently, I wouldn’t lose these things.

Moving on, I wanted to purge 20 more pieces over the weekend.  It took me all day Sunday but I finished.


100 items in total.  Yeah me!  Only 980 more to go (rough guesstimate).


  1. from the looks of it, you are in the midst of tackling the area known as the great wall of navah. good job, should that be the case. if you uncover more of kat’s amazing fashion items, you might have to post them here.

    • Maybe I should start a new series of posts and call them “found”. And you are correct, I have started to dismantle the Great Wall of Navah. Posts to follow.

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