Posted by: navalanche | July 5, 2014

Time out to whine

I’m way behind.  So far behind that I feel lost.

I’ve broken my glasses….

and haven’t had the time to shop for another pair or order new contact lens.  Thus, I am wearing an old crappy pair of glasses with scratched lenses.  Loved those glasses….ARGHHHH.

I took a day trip out of town to see my son and left my laptop at a hotel.  ARGHHHH.

I can’t believe someone actually turned it in to the hotel desk and they shipped it back to me at a very fair cost.  It took over a week to be returned though but I’m satisfied.

My son stopped by for a few days…..


and I only had time to take a parting shot at the airport.

June has been full of graduations……


and picnics as the nephews are soon to be on their way to college.


Actually, things are pretty great.  I just need to take a deep breath and focus.

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