Posted by: navalanche | July 6, 2014

In and out – week ending 6/15/14

I’m trying to reconstruct the work that I started over the last few weeks.

I stopped at the St. Anne’s flea market and brought things home.


I don’t think I brought anything else in so it’s a small victory.

Kat was stopped by and brought my son a bear and a rattle.


College themed but he lives in California so I guess he can enjoy those gifts at Christmas.

She also brought a train for Jaxon.


It doesn’t fit in the house so I placed it on the porch for him.  Notice it’s blocking the front door because the porch is full of clutter.  Just a another project I’m working on right now.

I made of small pile of items that could be trashed or donated.


Not much but I’m still focusing on clearing clothing from the house.

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