Posted by: navalanche | August 9, 2014

In and out – week ending 8/3/14

After many weeks avoiding the thrift store, Kat stopped by and pleaded with me to stop and see a corner curio that she was thinking of purchasing.  And so I accompanied her to the store as she doesn’t need yet another curio and I knew it was time to visit the gang.  Luckily, the curio was much too small for her vast collections so she decided against the purchase.  But I talked and shopped my way around the store and bought 4 items and as it was 99¢ day, I spent $4.  That’s semi well behaved for me and I have already worn the crazy pink and green sweater twice.


Additionally, Kat brought a power ranger game for Jaxon and I bought a Chaps dress online that I had been admiring for some time.

I made an unexpected trip to the store and noticed a Coldwater Creek store that was having its final day of its’ going out of business sale and bought over a box full of hangers for $1.


I always need more hangers.

I’m still working on smaller areas around the house so much of my decluttering is still focused on various odds and ends…..


and glassware…..


and pillows that I brought home for Kat what seems like a long time ago.


They are a little over the top but she liked them and better yet, they are gone.


  1. i have to admit the box-o-hangars for $1 was a worthwhile purchase.

    • Maybe….maybe not. There are still too many clothes that I have on hangers that if they were purged, I would then have more empty hangers. We’ll see…..

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