I am a self confessed maven of clutter.  My husband Mike and my son Gabe cope with my eccentricities by finding the humor in our collective situation.  My son is my muse as it is at his suggestion that I “go live” and blog to help keep him current on my mess along with the crazy antics of our extended family.  The most intimidating aspect of this project is that Gabe is a student of Linguistics at UCSD.  I am concerned that my lack of literary expertise as a writer will prove to be an even greater potential embarrassment than my clutter.  Gabe blogs at Motivated Grammar where he dissects prescriptivist grammar.  I choose to believe that as long as I am using the printed word to communicate in good faith, he will not disown me.  Time shall tell.  I can be reached here or Karen at


  1. I’m not sure if you still have the white lamp with the blue flowers beside the big yellow one in your pictures, but i have that one and would like to buy the one you have to make a set for my bedroom.

    • Sorry about the delay answering, I’m really behind. Just a note, I really, really have a tough time letting go of lamps so I’ll need to think about it. If you are still curious, I think it’s a Quoizel lamp that comes in different sizes and I forget which size it is. I put it in storage so it will take me a few days to check. Thanks for asking!

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