Posted by: navalanche | September 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Lynne!

I consider myself lucky to have my family nearby.  My sisters and I live no more than 11 miles apart or 30 minutes by car as there isn’t a direct route between us.  But just because we live so close to one another, it doesn’t mean that it is easy for us to be in the same place at the same time.

Typically, my sister Lynne is always the hardest to find.  And since she has taken a new position at work that requires her to spend most of her time out of town, it has become increasingly challenging to plan an outing.  But over the weekend and at the very last minute, it seemed that the sisters would be able celebrate Lynne’s birthday together.

We decided to meet at Bravo!.  We saw Josh, who just passed his driver’s test last week, on the entrance ramp to the mall (I still can’t believe he’s driving).

Considering that we made plans only a few hours earlier, Lynne, Sue and I, along with Robbie, Josh, Lizzie and Mike were able to make it.

Regrettably, Kat was missing.  She was able to come but refused because she and I had a spat weeks ago.  She’s also angry with Sue but as Sue had oral surgery at the exact same time as the argument occurred, it was hard for her to turn on her as she had a mouth full of stitches and couldn’t eat for a week.  Kat had to compromise, which means she is avoiding Sue completely but grunts at her if she must speak (that’s what she did at Jaxon’s birthday party last week).  And I’m not so sure that Lynne is out the woods now as Kat knows that she was consorting with the enemy (pictorial evidence above).

I think that if we had just agreed to celebrate at the Olive Garden this whole little misunderstanding would have been over by now.  The tried and true way to mend fences with Kat is to offer her a conciliatory lasagna from either Buca de Beppo or the Olive Garden.  It’s not just the lasagna that draws her to these establishments, they serve bread which is part of her ultimate dining experience.  Add free refills of cola and the carbohydrates turn to sugar in her bloodstream, inducing a sugar high, which makes her much more pliable and forgiving.

But what does this nonsense have to do with my decluttering?  Just because we aren’t talking doesn’t mean I don’t bring things home for her when I’m out and about.  I have a small pile of Christmas and Partylite items for her to look at and being that I have filled her car that is in my driveway with her clutter, I need her to sort through it so that I can add more.

I don’t think that our little disagreement will keep us apart much longer.  Lynne stepped in and asked Kat what needed to be done to solve the problem and all Kat asked for was an apology.  And even though most of my family didn’t think I should, I did apologize by text on my nephews’ phone as she won’t take my calls.  Still nothing. Maybe the extended break will do the both us more good than harm as we enable each other’s clutter habits.  Isn’t there a saying that thirty days can make or break a habit?  I do know that I have been spending much less time at the thrift store which means much less clutter coming in.  That is a step in the right direction for me.

I’m sure it won’t be long before Kat and I reconcile.  She is just so incredibly stubborn and as tough as she looks and thinks that she is, her feelings can be hurt so easily. I’m not worried though, Sue’s birthday is in a few weeks and I believe that Kat will be ready to kiss and make up soon.  Then we will be back to our regular bickering and thrift store shopping once again.


  1. Aw that’s nice you guys got to hang out like that. Sorry about things with Kat but maybe you should take advantage of the time apart to get rid of things instead of accumulate them. Good luck!

    • So far, so good. No new Kat clutter but it has been a month since she stopped talking to me and I’ll bet she has a stash of things waiting to drop off. 🙂

      • Noooo!! LOL She should just drop it at Goodwill instead!

      • Very funny. I think you’re right, I have to be honest with her, I just hate to hurt her feelings. But it’s just stuff, feelings shouldn’t be involved.

      • It’s not like you’ve never hurt her feelings and it’s not like you’ll never hurt her feelings again but think how many times it was over something silly and not useful you know? At least this time if you hurt her feelings there’s a really good reason for it and you guys can talk about it too.

      • Good advice. The two of us are always bickering about something, why not make it something productive.

  2. […] week later, my sisters and I decided to celebrate Lynne’s birthday together.  Kat made excuses why she could not attend.  My sisters and I joked that if we had […]

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