Posted by: navalanche | July 16, 2013

In and out – weeks ending 7/14/2013

The last few weeks were a little stressful for me.  I started a new job which I like but I am still working through adjusting to the new environment.

Juggling my extended family is usually my biggest stressor and they have emerged from a relatively quiet streak with a batch of full on crazy.  I don’t feel comfortable going into details yet but they are about to short circuit my brain.

So where does that leave me as far as my clutter?

I brought home items that I like including two pairs of shoes and some eggplant shaped dinnerware that I thought were clever.


I ordered some back issues of magazines so that I can imagine what my home would be like if I clear the clutter.


I received some gifts.  Two framed hand stitched items from Kat (she felt that I had to have them) and a mosquito head net from Diane at St. Vincent’s after I had told her that I have everything one could imagine.  She was right in assuming that I did not have one in my vast collection of clutter.


And if I’m going to be stressed, how could I pass up a chair…


and free lighting.


I’m keeping the chair but the lamps need to go, especially the brown one.

I did donate a box of items.


It’s not as bad as it could have been.  Usually I bring home a boat load of things and refuse to part with anything at all.  This time, I made small purchases and gave some things away.  I might be satisfied but there’s still that lovely chair that is driving Mike crazy.


  1. just out of curiosity, where will the newest chair be placed in navah manor?

    • Not surprisingly, it is in the living room acting as a table/footstool.

      • i actually just laughed out loud when i read that.

      • Yeah…it’s so me. Chairs are for clutter. Who needs to sit?

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