Posted by: navalanche | July 1, 2011

Mike makes Kat cry

In general, my weekends are rather boring.  Lately, I have been spending my Saturday mornings shopping for gag Christmas gifts with Joel, followed by lunch with Joel and Mike and then I have the rest of the weekend to myself.  But recently, my sister Sue’s work schedule has changed and suddenly my weekends have become jam-packed with activity.  The nephews are over on Friday nights for movie nights.  They leave sometime between midnight and 1am and are back on Saturday and sometimes Sunday, too.  But without a doubt, Saturdays have become the busiest day of the week.

Saturday, June 11th went something like this (all times approximate):

8:48am – Drag myself out of bed and rush to get dressed.

9:00am – Joel arrives (right on time, like he said he would)

10:00am – 1:00pm – Shop for Christmas gag gifts and pick up BBQ lunch.

1:30 – 3:00pm – Eat and chat until Joel heads home.

3:20pm – Sue and Josh arrive with all the fixings for turkey tacos and Sue tells me that her friend John and his mother Gertie are coming over to eat also.  Surprise!!

3:30 – 8:00pm – John and Gertie spend the afternoon at my house with the rest of the gang.

8:00pm – Mike’s brother Tim and his fiance Susanne stop by to go to dinner at Pho Kim (originally planned for the previous evening).

8:30pm – John and Gertie head home and Tim, Suzanne, Mike, Sue, Josh and I head to the restaurant.

11:00pm – I fall asleep on the living room floor.

Now I don’t mind good food and company, I just prefer not to have so much of it all in one day.  And I do like just a little more notice when Gertie is coming to visit as she spends a good deal of her time telling me (in her gravelly smokers voice as she surveys her surroundings):

“Wellllllllll………..youuuuu know………., if it were meeeeee……………, wellllllllll……………., I’d just throw all this (extra long pause for dramatic effect, hands gesturing at my clutter)……………..STUFF……………..OUT!”

My clutter overwhelms her but that’s another story.

Saturday, June 18th, went like this but with a twist (all times approximate):

8:30am – Drag myself out of bed.  Joel will not be over so I lounge in my pajamas.

9:10am – Kat arrives unannounced and wants to go Christmas gag gift shopping for Joel.  I get dressed quickly and leave.

11:00am – Kat and I stop back at the house.  Kat asks Mike if Jaxon can have an aquarium at our house.  The resulting conversation becomes unexpectedly confrontational.  I tell Kat that I have Coke bottle cap codes in the living room in an attempt to separate the two of them.  It works like a charm as Kat is a fanatic about Coke promotions.

11:30am – 3:15pm – Jaxon is dropped off for the afternoon.  Kat and I head out to shop some more and return home from our adventures with some great gag gifts and many stories to tell Mike.  He isn’t interested so we decide to call Joel.

3:30pm – Sue arrives with Josh and Zack.  As we sisters do, Kat, Sue and I all start talking and laughing at once.  Mike becomes concerned that we are going to wake Jaxon who is sleeping.  I’m not worried as Jaxon’s mother wants him up around 4:00pm.

3:40pm – Kat calls Joel to tell him about our adventures.  Sue and I are talking to each other and yelling things across the room for Kat to relay to Joel.  The house becomes very noisy as the three of us become very rambunctious.

3:43pm – Sue’s phone rings and she steps to the kitchen and at the exact same moment the nephews call to me and I step outside for a second.

3:43:33pm – As I attempt to walk back in the house, Kat rushes out crying and hands me the phone and tells me that Mike is mean.

3:44:50pm – I start crying because I ALWAYS cry when I see someone crying.  I realize Joel is still on the phone and he is wondering what just happened.  I tell him I don’t really know and I’ll have to call him back.

3:45 – 3:49pm – I attempt to calm Kat down.  Kat tells me that Mike was rude because we were being loud in the house and he yelled at her.

3:50pm – Sue finds Kat and I crying in the driveway and wonders what the hell happened.  Kat tells her that Mike hurt her feelings.  Sue tells her that we were loud.  I tell Sue that Mike should have talked to me about it before he said anything to Kat.  I start walking towards the house to find Mike and hear his side of the story but Kat begs me to wait.

3:55pm – Still upset, Kat leaves.

4:00pm – John arrives for dinner without Gertie.

4:05pm – I find Mike in the kitchen seemly oblivious to all the drama.  I decide to wait to talk to Mike until everyone leaves.

9::00pm – 12:00am – Big Bang Theory marathon.  John leaves because he “doesn’t like to laugh”.  He’s serious.  The day just keeps getting stranger.

12:15am – Mike heads to bed before I can talk to him.

Sunday afternoon, Mike asks me if he did something because I’m acting strange.  I tell him that he made Kat cry and that if he had a problem, he should have discussed it with me.

Mike tells me his side of the story:

1)  He asked me to quiet down first but I ignored him.

2)  He didn’t yell at Kat.

3)  This is all my fault for ignoring him.

I have no clue what he’s talking about.  Not wanting to argue over something so silly, I accepted full responsibility but asked to clarify something.

Me:  “Did Kat yell at you or say anything to you?”

Mike:  “No.”

Me:  “Did you notice that she left the house in tears?”

Mike:  “No.”

Me:  “OK.  I think you should apologize to her.”

Mike:  “For what!”

Me:  “She says that you yelled at her.  Just tell her what you told me, that you didn’t yell and that it was all a misunderstanding.”

Mike:  “No.”

Me:  “Seriously?”

Mike:  “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Me:  “You made her cry.”

Mike:  “NO.”

Trouble had been brewing between Kat and Mike for some time but it didn’t explain why he was being so stubborn over an event in which their recollections differed over a seemly minor incident.  Mike insisted that Kat had it all wrong.  His story was that he had tried to gently tell me that my sisters and I were too loud as the baby was sleeping.  When Sue and I walked away, he told Kat that she needed to speak softly so that she didn’t wake Jaxon.  When she ran out of the house, crying, immediately after his request, he had no idea that he had upset Kat, even though she RAN out of the house CRYING.

I knew the truth was somewhere in the middle.  Kat has a few personal matters that have been causing her great distress and so she is more sensitive than usual.  Mike hates Kat clutter and admitted that he has been irked with her since he found this flag in the yard.

Mike:  “Kat thought she was being funny and left that metal flag in the garden.”

Me:  “I did that.  Kat asked me to check the lights on it and I thought I’d leave it outside until I found the time.  It’s cute.”

Mike:  “Kat’s planning on bringing her huge salt water aquarium to our house.”

Me:  “No, she’s talking about a fish bowl with a goldfish.”

Mike:  “She said an aquarium not a fish bowl.”

Me:  “I don’t want any pets right now, either.  It’s a non issue.”

Mike:  “She keeps bringing things over.”

Me:  “No, look by the door, she’s taken almost everything home.”

Mike:  “There’s still a lot of her stuff in the house.”

Me:  “And we are both working on it.  What would make you happy?”

Mike:  “If she got the piece of crap star thing off the front porch.”

Mike is talking about this:

Kat had spotted it in my neighbors garbage and begged me to retrieve it with the assurance that she would take it home the next time she stopped over.  Months later, it’s still on my porch.  It’s some kind of home made Christmas contraption that assembled is over 7 feet long.  She absolutely had to have it.  And, no surprise, months later, it’s still on the porch.  Mike HATES it, not just because he thinks it’s ugly but it has rusty nails embedded in it that he considers a hazard.  I thought his request was quite fair.

Me:  “Done!  Now will you apologize to Kat?”

Mike:  “No.”

Kat and Mike have had disagreements before but they have never ceased talking.  I decided to stay neutral (although privately I side with Kat) and hoped that they would find a way to resolve their differences.  So far, nothing.  I hope I don’t have to wait too much longer.

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