Posted by: navalanche | September 7, 2013

A creative way to make an even bigger mess of things

Since I’ve moved to full time at work, I have much less time to declutter.  I am trying to cast a critical eye over my mess but it’s hard to switch gears.

In the morning as I race out the front door, I glance at my piles of clutter and think that I’ll work on them later.  In the evening, when I get home around 7:30 or 8:00, I collapse where ever I can find a spot and fight the urge to have cheesy-poofs and a soft drink for dinner while I survey the damage.  Then I fall asleep, awake around midnight to brush my teeth and try to fall back asleep while obsessing about how I’ve done nothing to fix my problem.

When I have a day off, I run around trying to get everything done but that includes real world chores, like laundry, paying bills and grocery shopping.  Usually, Jaxon is running around the house and pleads with me to play Lego Star Wars, the complete saga or Lego Lord of the Rings or Batman…..because Mike just doesn’t know how to play it right (I think he’s playing dumb so that he can get his own work done).

So everything’s a mess, I have no time and I’m stressed.  How could I make things worse????

A few nights ago, I woke around 11pm and decided to go through some mail while I brushed and flossed my teeth.  I noticed that there were a few 12 packs of soda in the living room that had not made it into the kitchen.  I picked the first one up without realizing the end of the box was opened.  Several of the cans rolled out, hit the floor and exploded…


right at the sweet spot between the living room, dining room and kitchen, bathing parts of all three rooms in a sugary glaze.  I took the brunt of it, I was soaked head to toe and was lucky that I didn’t fall as I ran the cans that were riddled with small pin holes towards the kitchen sink.  That made a bigger mess as the pins holes were all over the cans and they sprayed the kitchen.  By time I realized that I should have just thrown towels over the area, the damage was done.

During the event, I alternated between yelling and nearly sobbing loudly.  When it was over and I stood in the kitchen, dripping and silently surveying the damage through my now caramel tinted glasses, Mike called out from the bedroom.

Mike:  “You OK in there?”

All that commotion and now he asks.  I wanted to toss a can at him but it would just be more to clean.

Me:  “Don’t even come out here.  I dropped Pepsi cans and everything is wet and sticky.”

Mike:  “OK”

And he fell right back to sleep.

I jumped in the shower in my clothes to rinse off and then spent the next hour, cleaning and salvaging what I could.  I jumped in the shower once again and left the rest for the morning.

It wasn’t as bad in the morning light although I will have to borrow a carpet cleaner to try and lift the marks that remain on the carpet.  I thought I had managed the mess well until yesterday when I leaned against the archway between the kitchen and living and my entire arm stuck to it.  Seriously…



I couldn’t figure out why I was stuck to the wall.

Me:  “Mike look at this.  What the hell!?!”

Mike:  “You sprayed pop all over the house, remember???”

I need some deep restorative sleep.

I know there are other things that I have missed but they will have to wait. I’m off today and have the house to myself for a few hours and am going see what I can get done.

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